Reasons to Choose React over Other Frameworks

Reasons to Use React

Reasons to Choose React over Other Frameworks

React is a gem amongst JavaScript frameworks. It has transformed the way we build user interfaces by introducing virtual DOM and is a relatively new framework that has taken the web development community by storm.

ReactJS is one of the best frameworks for building web apps in the present time. It is used by Facebook, Instagram, and other big firms. But have you ever wondered what React can do in the future?

React is an efficient JavaScript framework to build interactive user interfaces with ease and flexibility. Sometimes, it’s also called React.js or just React. It aids in designing simple views for different states in an application as well as greater ease in updating and interpreting the right components efficiently when the data changes and also, provides developers with a better experience.

The biggest advantage of using it is that you can change any component at any point in time without affecting the other components. This alone results in widespread support among both clients and service providers.

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In this article, we will take a close look at some of its key features and discuss why you should choose React over other frameworks.

Advantages of React over other frameworks

Code Stability

By using only downward data flow, ReactJS ensures a much more stable code. It does so by ensuring the parent structure is not affected by any changes made in the child structure. This is because developers only need to modify their state, make amendments for specific components, and change an object.

Not only this, but it also provides a ‘UI’ which is fault-tolerant because of the component creation aspect. This allows developers to efficiently conduct unit testing to avoid system crashes.

Suitable for everything (start-ups as well)

By using React, you can lessen the time and costs of your development process. Major companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Yahoo (a lot of startups as well) are using this technology because of its endless benefits to their workforce.

React Usage in the USA
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According to a survey report, the USA has been identified as leading the world in the recruitment of ReactJS developers for all kinds of businesses — for tech giants as well as small startups.

Increases Productivity

Reacts’s outstanding features create better visuals. This removes jQuery, a code-heavy framework. Virtual DOM aids in increasing the speed of web applications, which leads to better productivity for the web application process.

As many web applications are complex, making changes in one component can be difficult without it affecting the others. Facebook and the ReactJS team have shown they can improve React’s efficiency by providing it with the ability to re-employ assets used earlier in the workflow.

SEO-friendly Platform

Highly-qualified developers recommend learning ReactJS to anyone who is trying to become a developer. Learning React gives a better search engine experience that helps in generating heavy traffic to your website. This increases the chance of your site becoming an online success.

As ReactJS library is equipped in dealing with search engine failures in a better way, this creates an SEO-friendly environment.

React is great at

  • reduction of page load time through faster rendering, and
  • adapting quickly in real-time performance according to user traffic demand

Most of the other frameworks out there cannot handle the features mentioned above as smoothly as React.js. As we know the faster the speed, the more the number of users. This fast-rendering aspect is important for the online success of your business.

Simple to Learn

It is difficult for companies to complete a project when the technology is difficult to learn. Therefore, businesses of all kinds prefer to use technology that is easy to learn for the developing team. And not just that, if a tech is simple to learn, the team can also finish the projects in a scheduled time.

React.js is an easier framework to learn for JavaScript than other frameworks. It is focused, used by many businesses because it’s simpler to learn and use, and easy for companies to finish projects using React because of the technology’s ease of learning.

Better Development Experience

React is growing in popularity as a front-end web development application. Hundreds and thousands of websites have been built using its outstanding features, providing enhanced performance, work experience, and advanced web application development.

What is the future of React?

React is the most popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, but with its recent release of React 17, many are wondering what’s next for an already impressive platform. While it’s too early to tell exactly what will change, one thing is certain: React is here to stay.

React has been adopted by many big companies like Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, PayPal, Instagram, etc. Companies continue to use React as it is primarily designed to create rich and attractive applications rapidly with little code.

React developers will be in demand for the long term, as React is used in multiple industries.

Not only this, React developers are the highest paid developers when compared to other web development technologies, and in the coming years that is also expected to grow further.

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Learning ReactJS is important if you are planning to have a career in the web development industry. Reacts’ benefits of being advanced, user-friendly, robust, and highly scalable exceed its disadvantages. With its versatility and ease, React has become the future of web creation.

React saves you time while keeping you on a budget because it is lightweight, component-based costs less to learn and use. React also has a better scope than its peers and has higher popularity because of its extreme focus on user experience and development simplicity.

Despite, the fact that every technology is working to achieve the same goal, React is more favorable because of some small advantages. A massive contribution, community, and ubiquity of React will help it stand its ground.

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