Learn Python Online – Your Path To Success

learn Python online

Learn Python Online – Your Path To Success

IBM, YouTube, Microsoft, Quora, Spotify, Disney, Yahoo, Mozilla, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo!, Facebook. What do these names have in common?

  1. They are all acknowledged as the top players in their respective fields.
  2. They have known the world over for their strong systems and easy to navigate user interface and designs.
  3. If you are a coding enthusiast or looking to build a career in coding, these are probably your dream companies to land a job in.
  4. They all use PYTHON!

You read that right, all these top international companies make use of Python in building their systems. Did you know that YouTube has been built using Python? And Google uses Python to strengthen its systems? And 21% of Facebook’s infrastructure codebase has been developed using Python?

Did you also know that you could grab an average annual salary package of 5.5 lakh INR if you are a skilled Python developer? And the demand for Python developers is only growing exponentially each year?

Welcome to the world of Python – your path to success! Why learn python online and what it entails, you ask? Let us find out.

What is Python?

Python is an interpreted, high-level, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language (source Wikipedia).


What does that mean?

In simple terms, it means that Python is used for building codes, which can have a wide reach and use in many domains, can directly execute instructions written in the code and makes use of objects (variables, functions, data structures or methods). While it was first created in the 1980s by Guido Van Rossum and first came into use in 1991, it has been reinvented over time with the introduction of many new features, which is what has kept it going not just strong, but extremely in demand.

Easy to Learn!

Python does not require you to come with prior experience – you can learn python online even as a newbie in the world of coding. If you are a student who is exploring the world of coding, learning Python is a good starting point to assess both your skills and your knack in this field. If you already know your basics, then Python forms the backbone which can not only support your ambitions, but help you climb the highest mountains. Best part, you can learn Python online!

Save on Time!

Python calls for rapid development. And like they say, time saved is money earned. When designing codes is easy and speedy, you have tremendous scope to improve on efficiency. You basically get more for less, and isn’t that the best?

What Makes Python and Easy-to-learn Language?

Python has been developed with a core philosophy of less is more which ensures that it is easy to learn and execute. The following aphorisms from The Zen of Python very aptly sum up why Python is still gaining in popularity almost 30 years after it first appeared on the scene.

  1. Readability Counts – you work on codes which are easy to read, and therefore easy for the system to understand and execute. Thus, Python works on an easy to write and understand coding language, which makes it an easy language to learn.
  2. Explicit is better than implicit – Imagine talking to a 5-year-old. If you want them to understand the message you are conveying, it is important to explicitly take them through it. Being brief does not help, the whole message must be conveyed. Python works on the same principle – describe the code, do not assume that implicit works. This also means that while learning Python, you do not have to work with deciphering what must be done.
  3. Simple is better than complex – Python works on the underlying assumption that codes must be simple to write. This makes Python easy to learn.
  4. Complex is better than Complicated – Python as a language focuses on not complicating things.

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Where Can Python be Used?

The advantage of learning Python is that it is a language which can be used anywhere. The ease of use and simplicity in understanding Python makes it the go-to programming language for start-ups and well established MNCs alike. It is industry agnostic, though there are some industries which almost exclusively prefer to use Python as the underlying coding language for the benefits that it offers.

It is also platform agnostic, which means you can use it anywhere – be it Android or iOS or Linux or Windows or any other platform which exists. Just imagine the gamut of opportunities that open up – whatever can be imagined can be created using Python as the base programming language.

Which leads us next to understand the humongous volumes of career opportunities you can have in any industry.

Learn Python Online – the Career Advantage

Let us give you a glimpse into the career opportunities you can enjoy if you proudly call yourself any kind of systems geek or potential systems geek.

learn Python online

The Next-Gen Developer

Imagine the future based on the present. So many industries and so many platforms. The thrill of being a creator across platforms. Building functionality which can work on any and all of them. As a developer, it opens up a universe of opportunities.

  1. Web and app development – with so many new apps, desktop or mobile, coming up each day, and so many companies, big and small looking to create them, learning Python puts you ahead of the developers who do not know Python. With its simple logic and existing libraries, learning and using frameworks like Django gives you the advantage to build secure and scalable applications, while offering a whole world of convenience.
  2. Gaming – does the thought of building gripping games full of rich visuals enthral you? Coding with Python will open up this world for you. You will know what goes behind building games you love and create more of your own.

Data Science

Are you the person who falls deeply into the world of data and swims through it to extract the right information? The world of analytics and data today requires you to be able to run simple codes to extract that information and find the relevant patterns. Python is the go-to language for many companies that work with data.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

While we have been watching movies on AI for decades, it is fast becoming a reality now. We already have apps that think for us, Alexa and Siri that communicate with us. These are all machines learning to think on their own, and the world is increasingly looking at many more of these. Did you know that Python forms the backbone of many of the AI products already in place? And it’s easy to use syntax makes it the prime candidate for many more to come? If you want to build a career in machine building and artificial intelligence, then Python is your stepping stone to success.

Creating Business Solutions

Businesses the world over are looking at and working with customized solutions, whether it is for front end use or backend. Human resource management, customer management, sales and marketing, administration – name any business function, it is moving towards and requires strong and sturdy systems. These systems need a base to be built upon and Python offers that. Whether there are in-house teams or systems are outsourced, Python developers are in high demand.

Why not freelance?

When you are an expert, people come to you. If you become a Python expert, you can always choose to freelance and work on projects that appeal to you. No fixed industry, no one employer. You work with people you like and do the work you enjoy, at the time that you want to.

This was a glimpse into the world of Python. How do you get started? Python is free, so there is no heavy investment to get started. Our own course on Python not only takes you through the basics, but gives you the platform to practice and build – you can start simple and then sky’s the limit. At NextStacks, you can learn Python online, and we also give you the opportunity to intern on live projects through our sister concern AppStone, which helps build on the foundation through exposure to real life projects.

What are you waiting for? Python is the present and the future. Dive into the intriguing and infinite universe of Python, and take the reins of your future into your own hands. Get started today.

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