Free Platforms to Host Your Web Development Projects

Free Hosting Platforms

Free Platforms to Host Your Web Development Projects

When it comes to web development, one of the biggest costs for businesses is hosting. The good news is that you don’t have to pay a premium for quality hosting. We have put together a list of free platforms that will enable you to host your next web development project.

The Internet is a big place and it’s hard to know where to start. This article will give you a head start and help you navigate the massive world of free web hosting.

Whether you’re just getting started with your first website or are looking for something more robust, there are plenty of platforms to help you out. We’ve rounded up some of the best free platforms to host your web development projects below.

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Free hosting platforms for web development projects

Heroku Platform


Heroku is a free cloud hosting platform that allows developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. The platform provides a distributed multi-tenant operating system, as well as a complete runtime environment for your apps. Heroku’s services include:

  • Reliability – Heroku is built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS), known for its 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • Scalability – Heroku will grow with your business and ensure your application can handle spikes in traffic without downtime or performance degradation.
  • Security – Heroku has an industry-leading security track record: no customer data has ever been compromised.
  • Support – Get quick answers to questions about your app from the Heroku support team 24/7 via email, phone, and chat.

And the best thing is, your data is always backed up — messed up something? Just roll back to the previous version.

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Netlify Platform


If you’re a developer, how would you like to deploy your sites for free? Netlify, a free hosting platform that lets you build and host modern sites, applications, and next-generation web apps.

The answer is Netlify, which is a free hosting platform that lets you build and host modern sites, applications, and next-generation web apps.

You can use Netlify’s continuous delivery features to easily build and deploy projects from your Git repository. This includes Jekyll blogs, static sites, and frontend applications. When you’re done with development, just push the code to the Git repo on your Netlify site and it will trigger a new release in minutes (on fast mode), or automatically if you prefer.

Netlify can also manage traffic so users are directed to live versions of your app or website when they come online and to an offline copy when they go down for maintenance. It also includes analytics so you can see every hit on your site front and center.

Get started with Netlify

Vercel Platform


One of the greatest challenges that businesses face is to find a platform that can host all their website needs. Vercel, a free cloud hosting platform that helps you build, deploy and manage your online business with speed and flexibility, puts an end to the search.

Using Vercel your site will be fast and secure as it runs on Amazon Web Services servers which is the leader in cloud computing technology. It has a custom feature called Clouddrive which gives you an additional 5GB of space where you can store all your media files such as images, videos, or music files to share them with your visitors or followers.

Vercel is the best place for the deployment of any frontend app.

A majority of developers prefer Next.js, the open-source React framework that Vercel built together with Facebook and Google. Popular websites like Patreon, for purposes like e-commerce, travel, news, and marketing, are powered by Next.js.

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Glitch Platform


Glitch isn’t trying to replace Github or Heroku. Instead, the company wants to make it easier for beginners and non-developers, who may be intimidated by setting up a server, to build and host applications.

Glitch offers an instant setup so that you can start working immediately. You can choose from a variety of pre-set templates, or click the “Build your own” button to add whatever features you want.

The platform offers a similar experience on all of your devices, so you can build and test projects on your laptop and then deploy them with one click to the cloud. Glitch suggests that it’s particularly well suited for teaching programming concepts because it’s easy to get started and then add more advanced tools as you learn more.

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Firebase Platform


Firebase is a free cloud hosting platform that provides you with all the tools you need to build and grow your app. With Firebase, you can quickly develop high-quality apps and games, grow your user base, and earn more money.

The Firebase app development platform provides a complete mobile back-end solution, including:

  • User authentication
  • Analytics
  • Crash reporting
  • Dynamic links (to generate deep links)
  • Cloud storage
  • Remote configuration

Firebase also has a command-line interface (CLI) tool called firebase-tools. The CLI helps you configure and manage your project from the command line.

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Github Pages Platform

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is an open-source hosting platform that lets users host static web pages. The pages are hosted on GitHub’s servers, where you can use the same Git tools available on GitHub to manage files.

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You can also publish your website using Jekyll, a static site generator that supports common templating languages such as Liquid and Markdown. Though it is not available for private repositories, there are many free options for hosting code on GitHub, so you can easily deploy your site to a separate repository.

It is a static site hosting service that takes JavaScript, HTML, and CSS  files directly from a repository on GitHub optionally runs the files through a build process, and finally publishes a website.

Get started with Github Pages

Final Words

Well, there are many other hosting platforms for initiating your projects but you can use any of the above-mentioned platforms for getting better results and saving your time and effort.

Check out the most budget-friendly and efficient platform and express your skills by implementing your desired projects.

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