Career Opportunities in JavaScript [2022]

Career Opportunities in JavaScript

Career Opportunities in JavaScript [2022]

The demand for skilled JavaScript developers has skyrocketed in the past few years and the number of tech companies that offer opportunities to build web applications multiplies daily. The thrill that comes with knowing that your job is to create something useful, creative, and visually appealing with JavaScript cannot be matched by any other job in the industry.

To be honest, JavaScript can be daunting to learn, but it will greatly benefit your career in the long run and help you land jobs quickly. And to surprise you even more, according to the Statista survey report, JavaScript is the most used programming language among developers worldwide, as of 2021.

JavaScript Most Popular Language - Statista

JavaScript is the most popular language that can be used for the frontend and backend of websites and can also be used for mobile applications, OS development, and even server-side programming.

This article is for you if you want to work with an exciting new technology that will give you a competitive edge in today’s job market.

Careers in JavaScript

There are many different ways to work as a JavaScript developer and most companies are looking to hire front-end or full-stack JavaScript developers.


The demand for JavaScript developers is increasing. You will be pleased to know that JavaScript is one of the most in-demand programming skills. Earlier, a large portion of JavaScript developers worked at startups but now, a growing number of JS developers work for big companies like Google and Facebook.

According to the IT skills report (2021), 75% of companies worldwide were looking to hire JavaScript developers.

When you look at the job trends, demand for roles involving JavaScript has increased by 35% year-over-year, while there’s been just a 6% increase in the number of job postings for Java developers.

Job Positions

Depending upon the type of work that you will be doing and your expertise level, there can be various JavaScript job positions/titles. Some of the popular JavaScript job positions are:

  • Frontend developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • React.js developer
  • React Native developer
  • Backend developer
  • Typescript developer
  • Redux developer, etc.

Career Path

As a JavaScript developer, you can have the following career path or seniority level:

  • JavaScript developer — 2-4 years of experience
  • Senior JavaScript developer — 2-4 years of experience
  • Lead JavaScript developer — 5-7 years of experience
  • Principal JavaScript developer — 8+ years of experience
  • Senior principal JavaScript developer — 8+ years of experience
  • Director of software development — 8+ years of experience

After having more than 8 years of experience, you can get a salary of up to ₹57 lacs per year in India.


According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for a JavaScript developer in India is ₹7 lacs per year which is a lot more than other programming-related jobs in the country.

Here’s the average salary breakdown of a JavaScript developer (India) based on years of experience:

  • 5-7 years of experience — ₹11 lacs per year
  • 8+ years of experience — ₹57 lacs per year

However, that depends entirely on your skills and expertise in the field.

How to start your JavaScript career

Depending upon how you prefer to learn things, you can learn JavaScript by taking a course, reading books, watching YouTube videos, etc. However, we recommend learning JavaScript by doing, because it’s the most effective way.

NextStacks offers an excellent JavaScript course that teaches you the basic concepts (along with the basics of HTML and CSS), including variables, conditional statements, functions, loops, and arrays. You also get to do various real projects and clear your doubts in extra classes.

Here’s a step by step process to learn and start your JavaScript career:

Steps to start your JavaScript career

Remember to practice a lot, because practice makes you perfect.

Final words

JavaScript’s popularity along with its capabilities, features, and compatibility with browsers has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It has become the most popular language to learn.

The best thing is, JavaScript has a huge community that will help you at every step of the learning process.

We believe that JavaScript will be used for years to come and the best time to start learning is NOW!

If you have a related query, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Also, kindly share the information with your friends who want to start their careers in JavaScript.

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