10 Best Android Project Ideas for Beginners

Android Project Ideas for Beginners

10 Best Android Project Ideas for Beginners

Building your first Android app is exciting, but you don’t know where to start. You need an easy project that doesn’t require a lot of time and will help you get comfortable using the Android Studio IDE.

We have prepared a list of 10 Android project ideas for beginners that you can use as starting points for your own apps.

These simple Android projects are good for beginners to build and enhance their programming experience.

Here we go…

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Beginner-friendly Android Projects

1. Unit Converter App

A Unit Converter Android app is a cool project for Android beginners that covers a lot of basic level development skills. It’s a simple app that converts metric and imperial units of mass, length, temperature, volume, and so on.

For example, you can convert kilometers to miles and vice versa or Celcius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

2. Pills Reminder App

Android does have a built-in alarm clock feature that helps users to set alarms but those alarms are not user-friendly enough. They can’t remind the user to take pills after a pre-set interval every day.

This pills reminder app will help the patients take their pills/medicines on time by reminding them automatically through notifications.

3. Coin Flipper App

Coin flip or coin toss is a method to make decisions. You just flip the coin and both sides of the coin are attached to an option.

Coin Flipper App in Android

For example, if “head” comes, Team A gets to bat first and its “tail” comes, Team B gets to bat first.

4. BMI Calculator App

The BMI of a person is defined as the individual’s body weight in kilograms divided by the square of his or her height in meters. In simpler terms, BMI is a measure of body fat.

Here’s the BMI formula to help you.

BMI = (weight) / (height)2

18.4 or less — Underweight 18.5 to 24.9 — Normal weight 25 to 29.9 — Overweight 30 or above — Obesity

5. To-do App

Creating a Todo app as an Android beginner is another project that covers most of the basic Android development concepts.

A simple To-do app lets you create your own tasks and reminders from the app. It helps the user organize the work and never forget an important task by sending timely reminders.

6. Video Player App

Android phones already have a video player installed, but creating a video player from scratch teaches you some important concepts.

A video player lets the user select videos from the gallery and then play them. The app should have the features like pause, resume, go backward and forward, etc.

7. Budget Manager App

An ideal budget manager app lets the user add his/her expenses like grocery, rent, bills, etc. in a simple and quick way. The user can also feed his/her monthly income and the app will be able to calculate the month’s savings in advance.

The application will help the user to manage his money in a better way. This project is useful for someone who wants to learn basic android application development.

8. QR Code Reader

A QR code is a kind of 2-dimensional bar code that contains a lot of information about the object it represents. The structure of the data encoded can be either numeric, alphanumeric, or byte/binary according to specification.

Working of QR Codes
A user scanning the displayed QR code from her smartphone

The above image shows how scanning QR codes work.

9. Simple Notes App

A simple notes app is another Android project that you can learn a lot from as a beginner. It is relatively simple and straightforward to develop an app like this.

A note app lets the user write text notes from the app and save it for later use. The app should also have a decent search feature so that the user can find the desired note just by typing a few characters in the search box.

10. Quiz App

A quiz app is one of the most popular and easy to create, even if you are a beginner. It’s highly recommended for all Android beginners.

The main idea behind this app is to ask a question, and then give people multiple-choice answers. The users then have to answer which answer they think is correct by tapping it on the screen. And if the answer is correct, it’ll show correct; otherwise, incorrect.

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Final words

Android projects are challenging, educational, and fun. You can build the above-mentioned Android apps with beginner-level skills and limited resources.

The ideas in this list will help you understand the basics of Android app development and get started right away on building your very own Android apps.

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